Devastating Earthquake Across Turkey, Syria and Lebanon

Many of us will have seen the news of the Monday 6th February's devestating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We heard from friends that the destruction and loss of life has also stretched across Lebanon.
This region has been struggling for many years due to war and economic crises, and it feels like the last place on earth that should be struck with such a destructive natural disaster. We are currently looking at the best ways we can help the situation, and will be adjusting upcoming work to ensure we can support those that have been impacted. The knock on effect of this disaster will be felt for months and years to come, as thousands as people have lost their lives, and tens of thousands more people have lost their homes.
If you want to find ways to help, or places to donate we would recommend:
- The White Helmets- a Syrian search and rescue group made up of over 3,000 volunteers
- The Great Oven- providing food in refugee camps in Lebanon
- Choose Love- Uk based humanitarian organisation Choose Love have launched a fundraiser to support earthquake victims
The images of fallen buildings we have seen in the media feel reminicent of paintings that Tamman Azzam created of his home country, Syria after it had been destroyed by war. These scenes of devastation have been a constant presence in Syria for over a decade.