Interview with Jason Martin

This interview was posted on our instagram page on 4 May 2020 as part of our #DistantSocialising series with Jason Martin from his studio.



Where are you currently working from and what is keeping you inspired and creative during this lockdown period? 

Currently working from my studio in Melides, Portugal. I live not far from a remote rural village. My home is surrounded by cork, pine and olive. I am fortunate to not have the more challenging frustrations of living in an urban context. 


Do you think this experience will leave to any positive changes in the way we live our lives and behave towards others? 

We are all nostalgic for the future and change is inevitable. There will be I am sure a more sensitive approach towards necessarily travel. I like to think that the extreme measures for social distancing will further reduce what studio practice demands - urgency perhaps artists will further ideas and acts that spurn deeper more subtle acts of empathy. That must be a positive. 


Please visit his website to take a deeper look at his work.