Interview with Sara Shamma

This interview was posted on our instagram page on 23 May 2020 as part of our #DistantSocialising series with Sara Shamma from his studio.




Where are you currently working from and what is keeping you inspired and creative during this lockdown period? 

I am working from my studio at home. Painting is like a food to me I cannot survive without it. Death inspires me; the beauty, of life in its extinction inspires me a lot. 


Do you think this experience will leave to any positive changes in the way we live our lives and behave towards others? 

Although this experience disputed people and separated them, it brought them closer; it made relationships more intimate, when seeing people online we see each other in our pure real natural state, simply at home. I think we will are appreciate each other more and we are realising the essential need of physical communication.  Also after a while when this whole situation get to an end, people will forget and maybe this positive result starts to melt again, who knows? 


Please visit her website to take a deeper look at her work.