Interview with Yahon Chang

This interview was posted on our instagram page on 20 April 2020 as part of our #DistantSocialising series with Yahon Chang from his studio in Taipei.



Where are you currently working from. and what is keeping you inspired and creative during this lockdown period? 

I am working from my studio in central Taipei’s Da’an District. For over 30 years, I’ve painted almost daily here. I’m using the increased studio time to explore working with new materials, particularly alternative Chinese paper and brushes. Each type of brush and paper gives different distinctions of ink saturation, texture and line. 


Do you think this experience will leave to any positive changes in the way we live our lives and behave towards others? 

The harmony between humanity and nature is a core concept in Chinese traditional culture that has even elaborated and expounded by many thinkers throughout Chinese intellectual history. This experience has led many to question anthropocentrism and perhaps we will see a transition to eco-centrism as a result. 


Please visit his website to take a deeper look at his work.