Micro plastics

You have with no doubt heard a lot about ‘micro plastics’ over the past couple of years, and there is a reason for that- they are everywhere! They can be found in the remotest parts of the world where humans have never lived, and they can even be found in our food, the water that comes out our taps, and nano plastics can even be found in the air that we breathe.

When we consider our daily lives, plastic is EVERYWHERE, and it is constantly leaving traces behind. Every time we wash synthetic clothes we release micro fibres into the water, as plastic bags and packaging degrades it breaks down into micro plastics, cosmetics with ‘microbeads’ are actually cosmetics with micro plastics, even the wear and tear on the soles of our trainers is breaking them down into micro plastics. Would you still drink water out of plastic bottles if you knew micro plastics are entering the drink itself? 

It seems difficult for us to escape, but there are some things we can do to personally address the issue.There are many ways we can actively try and reduce our production of micro plastics. 

Companies like @wastebasedco are using innovative technology to make it easier for us to avoid plastic packaging. Biodegradable alternatives to plastic bags made from corn starch are being used more and more, and have been adopted by large supermarkets such as @co-op.

We can capture the micro plastics released from our clothes by washing them inside @guppyfriend, a bag that successfully captures fibres (they also have some great tips on their website to reduce the environmental impact of washing our clothes).

There are incredible new technologies in the footwear industry that reduce the use of virgin plastic. @hyloathletics are arguably the most sustainable running shoe in the world using corn starch, algae and natural rubber instead of plastics. Ocean plastic pioneers @parley have also collaborated with @adidas to develop a series of shoes made from plastic found in the sea.

There are a huge number of exciting developments happening in the world to reduce waste and improve our environment. With a bit of research, and more conscious decisions, we can all start to make a difference and clean up our planet.

Image credits: ‘WHERE? – No one wears a watch’ by Mandy Barker as part of Greenpeace Beluga II Expedition - June 2016