Why Did We Choose to Support Myanmar?

You may be wondering why out of all the causes and issues in the news right now, we decided to raise funds for Myanmar. As with all of our previous projects, we have a personal connection to this cause. For the past two years my best friend has been living and working for a humanitarian organisation in the country’s capital, Yangon.

My friend has been sending me images and updates about the escalating situation in Myanmar since the coup took place on February 1st. The increase in violence and number of deaths has been alarming to watch, especially when it was happening on the literal doorstep of my best friend’s home. I was fortunate enough to visit Myanmar in 2019 and was met with an incredibly kind and generous society, and to think this destruction is happening to the people I had met compelled me to pull this project together and help in any way we can.

The situation is humanitarian, not political - over 750 people have been killed and 250,000 people have been been forced from their home. This project is in total alignment with our values at Migrate Art- we raise money to help those without a home, whether that is through forced displacement or homelessness. It has been estimated that if the current situation continues, 3.4 million people could be without regular food by the end of the year. If you have ever wondered what causes the refugee crisis, it is situations like this that are at the root.

Through our partnership with Mutual Aid Myanmar, the money we raise will help supply food, shelter and healthcare for people that are literally putting their lives on the line for the country’s freedom.

You may be wondering why this issue hasn’t been in the news that much- there have been enforced country-wide internet blackouts, and a lot of journalists have been arrested by the military. If information and pictures cannot leave the country, it is very hard to share what is happening with the rest of the world. 

Thank you to everyone that has bought a poster so far, and chose to join us in Raising for Myanmar, we truly appreciate it. We have some amazing new releases this week- enjoy!

Simon (Migrate Art Founder)