Masks for Meals

  • 100% of net profit donated

    Proceeds will be forwards to Refugee Community Kitchen, who have continued feeding the UK's homeless during lockdown.

  • Made with recycled materials

    Our masks are made using 100% regenerated nylon. The thread and ear loop adjusters are deadstock that would otherwise go to landfill.

  • Double sided

    Our masks can be worn both ways. Each artist has designed both sides, meaning you get two designs per mask.

Collection: Masks for Meals

We all have stories to tell in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020. Migrate Art’s story is only one of them - but we’re proud that it impacted thousands of others. Our Mask for Meals project was a collaboration with some of the world’s most loved artists who created designs printed onto reversible, washable and reusable facemasks.

All profits from the masks were sent to the Refugee Community Kitchen to help them feed the United Kingdom’s homeless population. At the same time, the masks contributed to slowing the spread of the disease. Within months, the sales of the masks had reached £25,000, contributing to more than 50,000 meals for those who needed it most. 

Masks for Meals – the story

When Migrate Art launched the Masks for Meals project in 2020, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t going to be a one and done thing. Already, our proceeds had provided 50,000 meals to the UK’s homeless population, but as the pandemic continued, the community still needed help - and people still needed masks. 

That’s why in March 2021, we relaunched the project (volume 2.0, if you will), distributing a new drop of masks that contained higher eco-properties, made from triple-layered breathable 100% nylon yarn, derived from pre and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff and tulle. 

Creating masks with these materials, as opposed to the 100% cotton masks in our original drop was pricier, which posed a small dilemma. We could have raised the price to cover production, while retaining the amount of proceeds donated to Refugee Community Kitchen per mask, but we ultimately decided this didn’t feel right. 

In order to be part of the solution in keeping everyone safe, and providing food to those who need it, we instead partnered with Flight Logistics who donated an extra £1 per order, which added an extra two meals for Refugee Community Kitchen to serve. Flight Logistics also provided free packaging and shipping for each order. We’re extremely grateful for their generosity in helping to bring this project to life. 

**Please note these are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). These masks are intended for personal use in non-medical settings, in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus. We encourage you to always try and wash the mask before reusing or reversing**

Refugee community kitchen

Despite the chaos and devastation of the COVID-19 crisis, Refugee Community Kitchen has continued to serve nourishing food to people in need at points throughout the UK. In London and Edinburgh we are carefully preparing and serving hot meals every week. We also provide food to vulnerable individuals, families, food banks and other food outreach projects. We are deeply committed to addressing food poverty in Northern France and the UK and continue to adapt our systems and procedures in order to best be of service moving forward. We need your support as more and more people feel the crushing impact of COVID-19. The demand for our food service continues to increase as the government scheme to put the homeless in hotels has ended and more people lose their incomes.

"I want people to feel proud when they wear a mask. It is so important for people to be safe and protect others right now. Using some of my signature colours that I’m known for, I’ve put my stamp on the design to try and make people feel comfortable. #MasksForMeals is a great cause. I am very honoured to be able to help raise money for refugees with Migrate Art."

Camille Walala

"I’m delighted to be building my ‘brick wall’ masks for Migrate Art, I initially worked with them on their Multicolour project last year and have kept up to date with the amazing work they do helping those affected by the ongoing migration crisis"

Richard Woods

"It’s a privilege to help, in some small way, an organization such as Refugee Community Kitchen, who have helped many many people and fed millions. Helping and supporting others in need is the positive good-kind-of-infectious we should be spreading around these days."

Jon Burgerman