Collection: Moral Fibres

In 2022, four female London-based artists joined forces with female refugee artisans. A meaningful fusion of fashion, art and life-changing opportunity was born. 

Migrate Art called on talented London-based artists Chloe Early, Lakwena Maciver, Sara Shamma, and Camille Walala to create designs for beautiful crepe de chine silk scarves, which would be brought to life by an amazing and talented team of refugee women also working  in London. 

One scarf features a distinct phrase, ‘RAISE YOUR HOPES’ printed over striking colours, another merges abstract art and figuration in a depiction of a woman holding a life buoy. Emblazoned across another scarf is a vibrant, postmodernism pattern, while a fourth scarf features a sketched face with piercing eyes. The profits of each purchased scarf goes on to support displaced individuals and communities across the world. 

The Moral Fibres story

Creating meaningful art on canvas takes skill and talent, but creating art with a similar sentiment on a piece of fabric carefully made to be worn is another story. So, when Migrate Art gathered together a skilful quartet of female London-based artists to create designs for beautiful silk scarves in our next collaboration, they called on the advice of those who were best informed; a group of talented refugee women who had turned the art of sewing and production into their work. 

It became a collaboration that represented so much more than the end product. These artists met the refugee women in-person where they shared their insights and knowledge about how the designs could be best presented on a scarf. With this understanding front-of-mind, the four artists set to work creating the striking designs. They then handed the prints over to the refugee women who turned them into vibrant scarves in their workshop. 

The collaboration didn’t end there - the refugee women also modelled each scarf ahead of the online launch. As a final symbolic step, the pieces were then packaged and delivered to buyers in a sleeve made from discarded life jackets which had been recovered from the beaches of Greece - a gesture that pulled together both product and cause as each sleeve was unique in colour and marks obtained from the journeys they had taken across the ocean.

Profits from the sale of every scarf will support our work helping displaced communities.